Awenate Cobbina

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 - CEO of Bedrock Group LP, Awenate Cobbina, joins Jim to discuss how his career went from White House intern to CEO of a large investment firm with holdings in several retail and consumer-facing companies.

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Awenate Cobbina is the CEO of Bedrock Group LP, an investment firm primarily focused on retail and consumer-facing companies, including Detroit-based Shinola. In his current role, Awenate advises all of Bedrock Group LP’s current operating companies and leads new investments.

Previously, Awenate was the Vice President of Public and Business Affairs for Palace Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) and the Detroit Pistons, as well as the Executive Director of the Detroit Pistons Foundation. In those roles, Awenate worked on PS&E’s business deals, including the Pistons move to Detroit, and all aspects of the Foundation, including fundraising, grantmaking, and reporting to the Foundation’s Board.

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