Mona Sutphen

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - Mona Sutphen discusses her time working as a staffer in the Clinton and Obama administration. She shares the lessons she learned while managing stressful national security matters and making decisions with limited information. She also discusses her role at The Vistria Group and a new podcast she is releasing called "The Future of Capitalism".

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Mona Sutphen is currently a Senior Advisor at The Vistria Group, a Chicago-based private equity firm, and is a venture advisor and co-founder of several technology start-ups. Previously, she was a partner at Macro Advisory Partners (MAP), where she led the firm's U.S. practice advising leading global corporates on emerging risks and opportunities across a range of sectors, including technology platform regulation, market entry strategies, and political dynamics and regulatory risks in the U.S., China and Europe. Prior, Ms. Sutphen was a managing director at UBS AG, where she developed new tools for political risk evaluation impacting capital markets.

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