Scott Fairchild

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - Scott Fairchild, Executive Director of the DSCC, catches up with Jim about his career in politics. They discuss how he got into the industry, navigating the present day partisanship, and shares advice for success as a staffer.

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Scott Fairchild grew up in Long Island, NY and earned a Bachelor’s degree in government and history from Wesleyan University in 2000. After graduation, in 2002, he worked on Matt Dunne’s campaign for Vermont State Senate, and during John Kerry’s 2004 run for president, Scott worked in the field offices in New Hampshire and Toledo, OH.

In 2005, Scott Fairchild worked on Tim Kaine’s campaign for governor of Virginia, and in the 2006 and 2008 election cycles, Scott served as Campaign Manager for Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA), and subsequently served as his Chief of Staff in Congress. This victory of Murphy in 2006 in a conservative-leaning district helped Democrats take control of the House in 2006. Scott is credited with leading a skilled get-out-the-vote effort that put Murphy over the top to win the seat. He eventually took a leave of absence from Murphy’s office to run Bill Foster’s campaign for Congress in the Illinois special election in 2008.

From November 2010 until election day, he managed Rahm Emanuel’s successful Chicago Mayoral campaign in 2011 and beginning in June 2011, he served as the National Campaigns Director for the League of Conservation Voters. He led the efforts for the victory of Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D-NV) 2016 Senate race as her campaign manager, and subsequently served for two years as her Chief of Staff, and ahead of the 2020 election cycle, Scott was named Executive Director of the DSCC by then-Chairwoman and him former boss Sen. Cortez Masto.

Scott is now the former Executive Director of the DSCC and is returning to his role as Sen. Cortez Masto’s Chief of Staff.

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